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A Big Hairy One!

Pamela Morgan, London

This lovely short and funny story from the Seattle 1998 trip was extracted from US Families, Vol 9, Issue 2 in which we thought warranted nicely for "Oh Dearie Me!" Pam is one of the DUVAs, by the way)

When we were at the Best Western Hotel, my room was on the 3rd floor and Linda Newnham was on the 4th floor. One day Linda needed to get something from her room so I guided her to her room, which I thought was on the same floor as mine!

When we got to the door, Linda tried and tried to open it but failed. I kept trying to turn the door handle in the hope I'd open it for her, when suddenly the door opened and a big (really big) tall American man with only his trousers on appeared and I could see a large very hairy chest, longish hair, moustache and an angry frowning face.

Oh I was in shock and opened my mouth but no words came out! Finally I came back to earth, saw the number on the door. It was 319 not 419!! I will never forget his face. Luckily he accepted my explanations at the end!

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