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UsherLife is a community and resource base for people living with Usher syndrome and facing deafblindness through combination of hearing loss and retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

UsherLife is managed and maintained by people who have Ushers themselves.

UsherLife caters for:

  • Usher community group on Facebook. This is for anyone in the UK and around the world to connect, support, share and discuss Usher-related topics and experiences thus enhancing our lives.
  • UsherLife blog and Twitter to promote awareness of Usher syndrome, share related information and engage in the issues that affects us.
  • Useful information through links and social events that may help enhance our lives.

On our logo, the glowing circle represents two things: Positivity and light at the end of the tunnel. "Us" inside the circle means Usher syndrome (capital U and small s) and "us" together.

Enhancing our lives is what UsherLife does. You are welcome to join us and play your part!



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